From the brilliant minds that brought you Budsy…

Cupsy is here!

Whether it’s a wake-and-bake morning, a burning-the-midnight-oil-at-the-local-coffee-shop kind of night, or anything in between…Cupsy’s got you covered. It’s a water pipe discretely designed in the shape of a coffee cup, hidden in plain sight!

Like Budsy, Cupsy has a ceramic bowl for flower that keeps the taste pure and stows away inside a hidden storage compartment when not in use. The stainless-steel cup features a silicone lid and sleeve – classic and unassuming like an average cup of Joe.

The magic is in the lid, so feel free to swap in any to-go coffee cup to change things up!

Cupsy is easy to use, easy to clean, and is designed to be leak-resistant. Its mouthpiece and percolator are made of BPA-free plastic, and both the bowl and tether are compatible to use with your Budsy. It fits most standard sizes (3.5in).

When you’re ready for a “coffee break,” simply remove the lid, add water to the cup and replace the lid. Its built-in percolator requires minimal water. Flip open the mouthpiece and use the silicone tether to remove the bowl from storage and place it in the opening. Once you’ve packed it with your favorite flower, just spark it and rip it.

A coffee cup to the world, a water pipe to you, a buddy to Budsy, a friend to all. This is Cupsy.
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