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X-Treme Recovery CBD Capsules

X-Treme Recovery CBD Capsules

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  • 33 Capsules
  • 1320mg of 99.99% pure CBD in the bottle
  • 40mg of CBD per Capsule
  • Contains Organic Turmeric Powder 
  • Contains Organic Ginger Powder 
  • Contains Organic Black Pepper Powder


X-Treme Recovery CBD Capsules by Conscious Being CBD are part of the new CBD range improved with natural superfood supplements to create a natural entourage effect to support wellbeing and a healthy lifestyle. 

This version of the Conscious Being CBD capsules has been specifically created for those who push their bodies to the limit, as it's crucial to have a CBD supplement that matches your intensity! X-Treme Recovery is a thoughtfully engineered combination of ingredients that have been designed due to how they enhance and activate each others effects. The X-Treme Recovery CBD capsules contain a higher concentration of CBD isolate and include Tumeric, Ginger and Black Pepper to create the perfect CBD capsule. No matter whether you are training hard or just in search of a potent CBD capsule that will do the job, X-Treme Recovery is the choice for you! 

33 Capsules with 1320mg of CBD in the bottle, and each capsule contains 40mg. 

CBD Isolate-

Conscious Being made it their mission to use the most unadulterated and highest grade CBD isolate available; as such, they guarantee every single bottle of capsules has been tested at a lab and confirmed to contain less than 0.1% THC.

Organic Turmeric Powder

Conscious Being's organic turmeric powder is indigenous to India and is traditionally used as a healing food in the Hindu Ayuverdic culture to support a healthful and balanced lifestyle. Turmeric contains greater than 200 active compounds from the ginger family of plants called Zingiberaceae. Curcumin is the active compound found in the most significant concentrations. It has long been identified as a critical component responsible for many of the positive health attributes found in the plant. 

Organic Ginger Powder   

Ginger is another natural root from the Zingiberaceae family that predominantly contains the active compound gingerol. The ginger root is native to many eastern regions such as India, China and Southeast Asia. Ginger is widely known to assist healthy digestion and has long been used to help support a wide range of digestion issues and alleviate discomfort in individuals suffering from travel sicknesses.

Organic Black Pepper Powder   

Organic Black Pepper is a super ingredient; despite being having the lowest relative ratio in the capsules, it is a true activator for the other compounds. The black pepper works here to allow your blood to absorb the curcumin more efficiently. Our organic black pepper sounds like a humble ingredient, but it actually increases the efficacy of absorbing curcumin by 3000%.

Organic Brown Rice Flour

Conscious Being was appalled to realise how commonplace potentially harmful flow agents are found in CBD and other wellness supplements. Thankfully one of their fundamental standards is their devotion to organic ingredients so that you can avoid using chemicals, GMO ingredients or unnatural products with your cbd; as such, they decided to use organic brown rice flour. 

Recommended Use:

Please take 1x capsule everyday alongside water, & ensure you don't surpass this stated dose.

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