First CBD rolling papers

RooR is again taking the industry by storm with the world's first-ever rolling papers, these have been infused using a CBD gum which ROOR holds the exclusive patent for.

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PuffCo water bong

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CBD Bath salts / CBD Bath bombs and body oils

USA made bath products

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Axton CBD Fierce Focus Nootropic Capsules

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Dab tools

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CBDHS Glassy
Sale price£10.00
Sale price£10.00
Honey bun
CBDHS Honey bun
Sale price£10.00
Save £5.99
Dab SwordsDab Swords
CBDHS Dab Swords
Sale price£59.00 Regular price£64.99
Pro tools
CBDHS Pro tools
Sale price£19.00
Qnubu Stainless Steel Dab SetQnubu Stainless Steel Dab Set
CBDHS Qnubu Stainless Steel Dab Set
Sale price£8.00
Dabber Tool
CBDHS Dabber Tool
Sale price£8.99
Travel Kit
CBDHS Travel Kit
Sale price£40.00
Sale price£60.00

Featured collection

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710coil Clips
710coil 710coil Clips
Sale price£5.00
Pearls Ruby / ClearPearls Ruby / Clear
CBDHS Pearls Ruby / Clear
Sale price£6.00
710 Coil710 Coil
CBDHS 710 Coil
Sale price£60.00
30mm Clear Bangers30mm Clear Bangers
CBDHS 30mm Clear Bangers
Sale price£45.99


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